My goal is to create an experience for you. This includes allowing you to just be yourself. I love to capture genuine interactions, the small details of shared love and the fleeting moments you wish to be captured forever.  

I document your life. I capture the emotion of the moment through unique and unexpected compositions. Not every family is the same, and neither is every session. Your session will be unique to you. I enjoy getting to know my clients, and approach the session with a style that compliments your life.

Prior to the session, you will receive either a questionnaire or a consult to help me get to know your family, your vision and how you intend to display your images from your session. I offer a variety of boutique products to fit any household. I am a strong believer in printing your images. You are preserving your family‚Äôs history.  You are investing in ensuring that these moments will last forever. 


I prefer letting a moment speak for itself. I shoot for the mood I want to create, based on the emotion being captured. This means, I limit my editing. I prefer a clean, crisp image, allowing you to focus on the your loved ones. 


I am a professional. I am fully registered as an LLC, fully licensed and fully insured. I belong to several professional associations, including the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers. I may be all fun and games at our session, but I take my job very seriously tending to each frame with the finest of detail to ensure quality images for your family.

I started in the days of film. I have been doing this for many years, since high school. I purchased my first digital camera in 2006 and have been shooting ever since. I have learned a lot over the past several years, worked with many other professionals and continue learning through workshops and events. I am a lifelong learner with everything I do, bettering myself every day. I know how to utilize natural light, as well as off camera and in studio lighting.  

I shoot Canon. I have a 5D Mark III as a primary and a 70D for video. I can utilize both at the same time for births, lifestyle sessions, weddings and events, capturing small video clips for use in multimedia videos. I have top of the line lenses for any occasion.